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                               Welcome to Gluecifer

The adhesive that defies weather, beats plastic waste, and gets the job done in a flash!

Come rain or shine, Gluecifer glue laughs in the face of weather conditions.

Wet, dry, hot, or cold—it doesn't care, it sticks with unwavering determination.

Say goodbye to plastic overload! Gluecifer Adhesive is a planet-friendly hero, boasting a jaw-dropping 98.42% less plastic than those old-school tubes.

And guess what? It's 100% recyclable, saving the Earth one bond at a time.

Get ready to rock and roll!

The artificial grass glue that defies weather, beats plastic waste, and gets the job done in a flash!

Come rain or shine, Gluecifer laughs in the face of weather conditions.

With just 5 seconds of shaking, Gluecifer is primed and ready for action. No need to wait around, it's time to get gluing.

Feeling the need for speed?

Gluecifer is your secret weapon. You can glue a mind-blowing 11 linear meters in under 1 minute.

Lightning-fast adhesive power!

Super strong, super reliable—Gluecifer has your back.

It fearlessly tackles all backings, proving itself as the true champion of artificial grass adhesives.



1 tin of Gluecifer Artificial Grass Adhesive

Impatient much? Gluecifer starts to grab in as little as 10 minutes. Hold on tight, because it means business!

When it comes to surfaces, Gluecifer doesn't discriminate, It sticks to almost all clean surfaces, forming unbreakable bonds wherever it goes.

The adhesive that's tough, hilarious, and sticks it to the competition.

Grab a can and let the bonding adventures begin!

"We Are The Future Of Artificial Grass Glue!"

  • 3 Forms Of Application

  • Wet Or Dry Conditions

  • Hot Or Cold Weather

  • No Mixing

  • Latex Backed

  • Fast & Easy Applications,

  • 3-4 Secs Per Meter Of Seam

  • We Stick It All!

  • Fully Recycled

  • On Average 15m Of Dual Seaming & 30m Of Outside Edging

1 tin of Gluecifer 2 in 1 Heavenly Cleaner

No mess, No second guess.

Introducing our 2-in-1 Heavenly Glue Tin,

a true marvel that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Not only does it excel at cleaning guns, but it also possesses the remarkable ability to remove any traces of uncured misapplied product.

Prepare to be amazed!


Our Heavenly Glue Tin guarantees a flawless finish by completely eradicating 100% of uncured glue. Say goodbye to those frustrating remnants and embrace a pristine outcome every time.

We've thoughtfully crafted this product with your comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design enhances usability, making it a breeze to handle and operate.

With a user-friendly experience at your fingertips, you'll effortlessly tackle any adhesive-related task.

Need it done in a flash?

Our Heavenly Glue Tin is lightning-fast, ensuring swift action and optimal efficiency. No time wasted, just quick results that exceed your expectations.

Embrace the power of our 2-in-1 Heavenly Glue Tin—your go-to solution for cleaning guns and effortlessly removing uncured misapplied product.

It's time to experience a new level of convenience and precision that will leave you in awe.

  • 2 In 1 Tin To Clean Guns & Remove Uncured Miss Applied Product

  • Removes 100% Of Uncured Glue

  • Ergonomically Designed For Easy Use

  • Fast Acting 

"The best thing to happen to the adhesive industry since, well, ever!"

  • Just 3-4 Seconds Per Meter

  • It Can Be Used Via A Straw Or Gun

  • Fast & easy to use

  • Fully Reusable

  • Available As A Multi-Pack

  • Applies 150mm Wide In One Go

  • Fast & easy to use

  • One Free With Each Tin Of Glue


Up To 98.42% Less Plastic!

  • Multi-Pack Available

  • Multi-Speed Application Rate

An Installers Life Has Just Got A Lot Easier!

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