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Gluecifer Artificial Grass Adhesive 

Gluecifer Artificial Grass Adhesive is a completely unique, all-weather artificial grass adhesive. 

1 tin of Gluecifer Artificial Grass Adhesive
  • Wet Or Dry Conditions

  • Hot Or Cold Weather

  • Silicone Backed

  • PU Backed

  • Fully Recycled

  • We Stick It All!

  • No Mixing

  • 3 Forms Of Application

  • Fast & Easy Applications,

  • 3-4 Seconds Per Meter Of Seam/Join @ 150mm wide

  • On Average 15m Of Dual Seaming & 30m Of Outside Edging

The Future of Artificial Grass Adhesive


Gluecifer Artificial Grass Adhesive is an adhesive that sticks to virtually all clean surfaces and can be used in both wet and dry conditions. It's faster and easier to use. It's good in the dry and amazing in the wet. You can apply a one-meter seam join at 150mm wide in around 3 seconds (and yes its really that fast) and with virtually no setup or cleanup.

Gluecifer can be applied with the use of our Gluecifer Applicator Gun or Gluecifer Applicator Straw which can easily be equipped with our Gluecifer Applicator Head.

Any uncured glue can easily be removed with the use of our Gluecifer 2 in 1 Cleaner.

  • First-Ever Aerosol Wet & Dry Glue

  • Stronger High Tech Low Profile Compound

  • Super-Fast Drying Times

  • At least 50% Faster than 310ml Tubes

  • 3-8x More Than Old Fashioned Plastic Tubes

  • So, It's Cheaper Too

We Out-Perform The Rest In Every Way!

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