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About Us

At Gluecifer, we never understood why the artificial grass adhesive industry

has never moved with the times,

We changed it! Becoming the future of artificial grass glue around the world.

We wanted to offer an easy-to-apply, fast-curing product at an affordable price

No need for extra tools, no mixing, no clear up just fast application at a squeeze of a trigger, oh and of course, it had to work in all conditions, wet, dry hot & cold.

Having worked in the Artificial grass market for numerous years, we spotted a gap in the market filling it, fixing all the current artificial grass glue problems at the same time.

Labour costs have drastically increased, the plastic waste was overwhelming, the wasted product, and having to use such vast quantities was wrong for our wallets as well as for the environment.

Our landscaping company grew rapidly as we were now able to offer faster completion times than our competitors. We were able to power brush after just 20 minutes of installation and able to carry on working on the grass whilst using equipment with no risk of damaging seams or other fixings. This was all down to the use of Gluecifer Glue.

Our landscaping company used Gluecifer on many large-scale projects such as the London Olympic Park, The river themes embankment stabilization project (it’s great on geotextile matting too), and many of the UK’s leading childcare providers’ gardens.

From 2009, Gluecifer’s steady growth, and our twenty-nine years of working in the industry, the decision was made to finally make our glue public in 2021 and to come away from the landscaping industry to become a full-time B2B artificial grass adhesive manufacturer & Supplier.

Our products are now available in 46 countries around the world and counting.

As a customer focus company, we now strive, to offer the best customer experience possible.

Focusing on B2B sales. We enjoy getting our boots on & having face-to-face meetings with clients and live demonstrations of our products either on-site or in the office.

Please call us with your requirements, the Gluecifer team is always happy to discuss any plans and ideas you have and are happy to work under NDAs.

Any testing you require can be done either in-house or via a third-party lab upon request.

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