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Gluecifer How To Guide & Videos

Before using Gluecifer’s products

You must wear goggles or protective glass and gloves.

Use in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside.

Make sure the area is clear and remover any dust or debris.

Brush away any excess water if using when wet.


How to use Gluecifer’s Applicating Gun & Gluecifer's Applicator Head

Make sure the flow regulator is completely wound in, locking the trigger.

Take the black safety cap of the Gluecifer glue tin and screw the gun clockwise on the glue ensuring the glue is facing upright and the gun is upside down.

The gun only needs to be pinched up so do not over tighten or you could damage the gun.

Once the tin of glue is secured onto the gun correctly, shake vigorously approximately 20 times or 5 seconds, this allows the formula to work at its best.

When ready to use, unwind the flow regulator at the back of the gun, the more you unwind the more product will come out.

When using the Gluecifer Applicator Head, assemble the head while it is off the gun by putting the top section and the bottom section together and secure with the O rings. Push the Gluecifer Applicator Head onto the gun until the guns barbs are secured inside the head. Once finished using the applicator head, put to one side and leave for the glue to dry (24 hours). Once fully dry the glue can be mechanically removed from the head with relative ease. 

When you are finished you can keep the Glue on the gun for up to 30 days providing the nozzle of the gun is clean. Leave the flow regulator open and spray Gluecifer’s heavenly glue cleaner all over the end of the gun and spray some on a cloth or paper towel and wipe the end of the nozzle clean. When finished cleaning the nozzle, close the air flow regulator to make sure no air can get in or the glue will harden, and the gun will become unusable.


How to use Gluecifer’s Applicating Straws

Shake the artificial grass glue vigorously approximately 20 times or 5 seconds.

Place the artificial grass glue up right and remove the black safety cap.

Place the straw on top and gently push down and twist until the straw is located on top of the glue.

To use the straw, keep the glue as much as possible, upside down and use the plastic trigger to spray.

Once finished, untwist the straw from the top of the glue and dispose of the straw, spray the top of the glue tin with our glue cleaner, this will make sure no resin will build up.




How to use Gluecifer’s 2 in 1 Heavenly Cleaner

  • Simply unscrew the Gluecifer Glue tin and place upright on the floor for later use

  • Use the spray nozzle and spray around gun thread and into main port, this is also a

good time to keep the valve on the glue tin clean so just give it a good spray and wipe both with a clean cloth

  • Screw on Gluecifer cleaner and vent into a bin with a paper towel in the bin to help stop blow back

  • Keep spraying until gun runs clear and no more glue is visible

  • Spray a some cleaner on to a piece of clean paper towel and wipe main nozzle head until clean

  • Now depressurise the gun to remove all cleaner inside the chamber by pulling the gun trigger.

  • Straws are disposable, so please do not clean as these do not fit on the cleaner tins but it is still important to clean the top of the glue tin.

  • Can also be used for any mis-applied glue by using the red attachment nozzle providing the glue has been down for less than 8 minutes.





How to use Gluecifer’s Glue

Pull back the edge of the artificial grass and apply Gluecifer artificial grass glue to the required surface (it will stick to almost any solid and clean surfaces).

The foam will change to a low-profile gel which will give a flat surface.

Once in the position you want the artificial grass to be, push down on the area glued to pop all the foam bubbles, this will give the strongest and flattest finish. If you have a curling edge of grass, make sure to weigh the edge down so the adhesive can grab the grass properly.

The grab time is approximately 8 minutes and fully cured is after 24 hours.

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